Time Management Review Session

60-Min Skype Session with Abigail

Q. Does it feel like there is never enough time in a day?

Q. Are you frustrated you're not productive?

Q. Do you struggle to know where to start?

Q. Do you feel totally overwhelmed by it all?

Q. Do you know how to prioritise your tasks?

Q. Are you wondering where all the fun has gone?!

If you answered YES to any of the above then you are ready for a Time Management Review Session.  

During this powerful 60 Minute session we will review where your time is currently going & design a weekly time table to create your ideal business & lifestyle.

Once you have purchased your session you will be emailed a booking link where you can choose your date and time slot, and instructions for how to download the pre session paper work.


Q. When should I book my session for?

A. When choosing your session date allow a minimum of 5 days between today and your session date, so that you have time to download, complete and email back the session prep!

Q. Where do I download the session prep from?

A. You will be emailed a link to the documents once you have payed for your session.

>>If you have any questions that have not been answered click here to request a call (include your mobile number).


  • 1. Pre Session Audit Documents (You Complete)
  • 2. 60 Minute 1:1 Session with Abigail Barnes
  • 3. Delivered Online (recorded, if on Skype)
  • 4. Time Management & Resource Audit
  • 5. Bespoke Time Management Action Plan

"This session helped me create a new weekly timetable, that I am excited to try out. Already I can see how simple changes will make a massive difference to my work/life, thanks Abigail I highly recommend this session"



Abigail is marketing expert with over 10 years experience in Financial Services Marketing. She holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing Management and a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, DipM ACIM. She is the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs, a global speaker, business trainer, and is a qualified coach.

Abigail is the Founder of Master Your Time where she teaches small business owners and their teams how to maximise their resources and double their growth. She is the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs and a motivational speaker teaching people how to #findtheirway in business and life, inspired by her own wake up call in February 2012.

I will share the BEST Time Management Mindset & Business Growth Strategies that I've learned over the last 3 years of running my own business, and working with global experts, coaches and trainers. As well as attending training courses and investing in online training programs.

Abigail Barnes Abigail Barnes
Author, Speaker, Trainer

"Abigail really is the time mastery expert. Over the last six months she has helped me with lots of coaching and advise to transform my marketing strategy and achieve much bigger results. She introduced me to a number of time mastery tools including 60-30-10 which are having an incredible impact. I can't wait to start my next program with Abigail after Christmas."

Jenny Robson

"I am happy to recommend Abigail and frequently do to people in my network. Being very process driven I attended one of her events to see if there were any tactics I could use to improve the way I work. I quickly realised there is much more to it and much more to Abigail."

Dan Rice

"I attended a recent event organised by Abigail Barnes (Procrastinators Breakthrough Club). I learned so many things that I have taken away and incorporated into my business and life. I also had a great time networking with the awesome business owners that had attended building my network and getting a new client. I would highly recommend attending any event that she runs."

Nargis Cross

"After my Strategy Session I now have a clear understanding of what needs to happen for me to be able to take my business to the next level. I have a plan and the motivation to do it. Abigail is the right blend of challenging and supportive. Her knowledge and expertise blew me away!"

Sean Alty

"Abigail created a time-management action plan for me following an initial consultation which has helped me to prioritise and define my business growth strategy. In turn, this has led to increased sales. Abigail comes highly recommended for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to make more effective use of their time, increase sales and improve productivity."

Richard McMunn

"It was great working with Abigail, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Business Growth Strategies that she teaches, while working with her I was able to get clear on my own business growth requirements and create a plan to achieve them. I am delighted to recommend her Business Growth Training."

Regan Collins
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