Free Time Management Download_Abigail BarnesAn out of control to do list can lead to feelings of overwhelm, stress and procrastination. Below is a common exchange with a client and a coach about this very subject.

Client: “Help…where do I start?”

Coach: “At the beginning.”

Client: “Well right now my to do list is so big I don’t actually know where the beginning even is.”

Coach: ”Take out your highlighter pen and start by prioritising your tasks on your current to do list under the headers below”

  1. Now (time dependent deadline)
  2. Later (no deadline but important it is done today)
  3. Tomorrow (not a priority)
  4. Ideally like to do (no deadline, it is more of a want to, than a need to)

You can download the template on the home page and start to list your tasks into the relevant boxes. Super simple, now it should be clear what you can get working on today (start with the activities in box 1 first)!

Coach: “How do you feel now that your to do list is broken down into clear steps”?

Client: “Ready to get back in control of my to do list and running my business, thank you”.

Coach: “I recommend that you print out a fresh copy of this sheet at least once a week and that you use this template to form the basis of a time management routine. When you control your to do list you can control your time. The next stage step is to begin breaking down projects into tasks and allocating time to them. Let’s get going with step 1 first.”

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If you want a chat about this exercise or anything else please drop me an email.

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