I hope that you had a fabulous evening celebrating with friends, family, and most importantly yourself.

In this New Year of 2016 I am going to be focusing on LOVE, most importantly self love, what it is that you need to do more of this year, and what do you need to do less of in order to be living the life of your dreams, a life that you jump out of bed for everyday, a life where you feel true happiness deep in your core.

Happiness that has its roots in you finally learning how to put your own oxygen mask on first and committing to practise this habit until it becomes who you are.

You see in order to be the people, running the businesses, supporting your friends, families and networks first you have to support yourselves.

2016 is the year that: 

  • You switch Self-Sabotage for Self-Love
  • You chose to live mindfully, doing things that bring you joy
  • You give up thinking, and go back to trusting your feelings.
  • You listen to yourself and act from your gut (your feelings)
  • You see everything that happen to you as a chance to learn and grow
  • You stop being a victim, blaming everyone else, and step up and create what you want to happen
  • You decide to truly live, to truly love and to truly contribute to the world around you 

Q. So how can you work with me in 2016?

We start the year off with:  

♠ The Procrastinators Anonymous Club – 6 January 2016 Book your place it’s free!

♠ Goal Setting for Success Event – 26 January 2016 Book your early bird place before the offer ends!

♠ I will be offering access to the Procrastinators Anonymous Members Club at the event on 6 Jan and there will be a one-off January Sale price, (you will need to attend the event to get your unique sign up code).

♠ Attendees of the the Goal Setting for Success event will be offered access to the Goal Setting for Success 12 Month Mentoring Program which is open to anyone that wants to super charge their success with a peer group of business owners ready for success and accountability.

♠ I am busy confirming a radio interview for mid January, a speaking gig for February and another one in March. Keep updated by follow me on social media (links to my accounts are below). I am @abarnesauthor on all major platforms. Watch out for my new YouTube Channel Abby Ask’s which will be launching in January too, and is me interviewing Entrepreneurs that I have met on my journey who will be sharing their top tips and tricks for success.

An all round EXCITING year, I very much look forward to meeting and working with you in 2016, shout out to me on social media and together let’s SMASH IT IN 2016.

Do you wanna smash it in 2016? with Abigail Barnes

 The Procrastinators Anonymous Club – 6 January 2016

It is for you if:

  • You are fed up of hearing yourself make the same old excuses,
  • You can’t face continuously feeling overwhelmed, guilty and anxious 
  • You find yourself unable to make decisions because you are drowning in data
  • You keep putting your life off until tomorrow

Q. Do you have a nagging feeling that you could be living the life of your dreams if only you could work out how to stop procrastinating?

Don’t delay – Book your place today. CLICK HERE to register your free place. Got your place already? Invite a friend, research shows success increases when we do things with our friends!

♠ Goal Setting for Success Event – 26 January 2016

Once a quarter I run a 1-day Goal Setting for Success Event. It is for business owners who are ready to take the step into the unknown with me, to take different actions and get different results.

You will discover how to:

  • Beat procrastination and feel less overwhelmed in their business and life
  • Find the time to identify exciting and measurable business and life goals
  • Create a 12-month business growth plan and use it to make 2016 the best business year ever
  • Understand how effective outsourcing can turn their time into profit
  • Learn how to stay motivated by celebrating the successes to maintain excitement and momentum

If you can identify with any of the above then this program is for you! You will learn how to Set Goals that work, take your business and life to the next level. 


Be an Early Bird

As a business owner you are well aware that the early bird gets the best deal! At the moment you can take advantage of the early bird special offer for the next 1-Day Goal Setting for Success Event which is being held on 26 January 2016 in London (Liverpool Street).

Click Here – Book your Early Bird Place Today! Got your place already? Invite a friend, research shows success increases when we do things with our friends!

Your time is your life, and now is your time to live it – Abigail Barnes

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