Take control of your time don't bury your head What springs to mind when you hear that someone is a ‘good time manager?’

You probably conjure up the image of an intelligent person more machine than human!

Being a ‘good time manager’ is so much more than being on top of a diary and managing a to-do list. It is a way of living. Good time managers are consciously aware of how they are spending their time, and whom they are spending it with.

They value their time and see it as a gift with decisions and options that they are in control of, they understand that they have the ability to create the life of freedom that they desire, and take the actions necessary to make that dream their reality.

Good time managers certainly do not do these 7 things:

  1. They do not worry about what other people think about them

Good time managers are too busy focusing on creating the life that they want to be living to allow the negative opinions of others to distract them from this. The world has no shortage of doubters, haters, and cynics. But good time managers do not allow these people to steal their time. Instead, they surround themselves with other good time managers who share their values and passions.

  1. They do not expect instant success

Good time managers understand that the key to success is patience. We live in a world that want’s it now. We can get a burger in 10 seconds and change the TV channel with the click of a finger so most people are unwilling to wait for the results of their actions to appear. Then they waste time chopping and changing their strategy and approach. Good time managers understand the satisfaction that comes from the journey, not the immediate outcomes!

  1. They do not focus on things they can’t control

Every day we encounter a million things that we can’t control from the traffic to people we meet, delays and set backs. But good time managers take these in their stride. They focus on what they can control, which is how they choose to respond to things. They know that remaining on plan, on purpose and expectant that the tide will turn is their key to success.

  1. They do not focus on negative things

Good time managers understand the importance of controlling their thoughts. And they choose to focus on positive thoughts that will progress their life and their projects. Good time managers believe wholeheartedly that what the mind can conceive, it can also achieve. They know that life becomes easier and more enjoyable when they harness their ability to dream, wonder, create, build, transform, and love.

  1. They do not go a day without expressing their gratitude

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do if you want to be a good time manager. Understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Believe in the power of the greater good, help those that you can. Good time managers express gratitude for all that they have and for every experience that happens to them, using them as growth and more information to adjust their strategy.

  1. They do not spend time with people who bring them down

Good time managers surround themselves with other good time managers. They make time for family, friends, and acquaintances who share their values and appreciation for life and time. They also recognise that they need to limit the time that they spend with negative people. So much so that they choose to spend the majority of their time with positive, intelligent, uplifting people.

  1. They do not allow people to waste their time.

Good time managers make the most of their time. They form productive habits that allow them to work smarter, not harder. They don’t waste their time on meaningless tasks. And they also recognise the need to balance purposeful work with mental downtime.

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